The Water District's mission is to help member cities manage their water supply safely and cost-effectively by improving water quality and quantity. This is a challenging goal because factors such as climate, legislation, government policy, economics, population, and market demand change and, thus, affect the Water District's planning and operations.

We plan for both the short and long-term. We pride ourselves on planning ahead and providing "water insurance" for our member cities, in effect, providing peace of mind and protection against supply disruptions that could have serious health, environmental and economic consequences.

During its history, the Water District's primary function has been to provide supplemental water to its member cities, sourced from the State Water Project and the Colorado River and transported to this market by our own pipeline. We have augmented this service by providing grants and low-interest loans to our member cities to invest in critical water infrastructure projects. In recent years, we have invested in public education programs focused on water conservation.

Due to water supply constraints resulting from the variety of factors mentioned above, the Water District is researching, testing and implementing a variety of new initiatives designed to enhance our water supply. Some water supply solutions such as water conservation are logical and easy to implement. Others lying on the horizon are complex, costly and take time to implement. There are few quick fixes.