You’re Surviving the Drought…Here’s How to Survive El Niño

February 3, 2016

Categories: Winter 2016

Water conservation is working! But this fall and winter, El Niño, a weather condition created by warmer than normal ocean temperatures and weather, may create sudden severe storms, high winds, fire danger, power outages, mudslides and flooding. For some tips on how to prepare for the El Niño, click HERE. 

 Develop a Family and Business Emergency Plan
Maintain Emergency Contact Information and Supplies
Seek Advice from Licensed Contractors and Insurance Firms
Trim Trees
Install Sand Bags and Mulch for Erosion Control
Have Roofing Professionally Inspected and Repaired
Clean Rain Gutters
Clean Storm Drains
Install Rain Barrels
Inspect Neighboring Properties for Risks from Trees, Brush and Stormwater Runoff/Mudslides
See a Fire, Flood or Rushing Water? Stay Away, Stay Informed and Call for Help!

If you're really into weather and meteorology and want to follow El Niño just like the pros, click HERE to read up on water-related factors which the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the California Department of Water Resources will be watching.