The District provides periodic educational water tours designed to inform leaders and residents about water issues in general and about the District's pipeline and water delivery system, in particular. The tours are open to elected officials, residents, businesses, community leaders, teachers and students, and provide exposure to the State Water Project, the District's pipeline, hydroelectric power, groundwater replenishment, water conservation and water quality.

The tours typically take place on a weekday and take 5-6 hours to complete. We realize that it is difficult for some to attend (though you are always welcome). Thus, the District has created a "virtual water tour" video that covers all the pertinent information and facilities one might experience on an actual tour. You may view our "virtual water tour" video by clicking HERE. Copies of this video are available free of charge for you or your organization. For more information about the educational water tours, please contact us at 626-969-7911, or email us at


The Water District is pleased to provide speakers or information to help make your community or work-related meeting a success. Board members, district staff and technical or public information consultants are available to speak on a variety of water-related topics. In addition, the District recently redesigned its portable exhibit display which may be used at community, employer, school and youth events.

Please call the District at (626) 969-9611 if you would be interested in discussing how we might assist your water-related or educational events.