Irrigation Controllers

In September 2014, the San Gabriel Valley Municipal Water District introduced a new, Weather Based Irrigation Controller rebate program. Residents who pay their water bill to the City of Alhambra, City of Monterey Park and City of Sierra Madre are eligible to participate and receive a rebate of up to $80. 

Weather Based Irrigation Controllers

  • Can reduce over-watering by an estimated 40 gallons per day
  • Can increase outdoor water use efficiency by monitoring and using information about site and soil moisture conditions
  • Help create healthy plants and vegetation
  • Help you comply with drought-related water use restrictions
  • Save money and can pay for themselves in a short period of time!

Steps to claim your rebate: 

Step 1: Read  Rebate Guidelines

  • Properties using recycled water or well water do not qualify. 
  • This program is for residential customers only. 
  • One (1) rebate per residential customer. 
  • Site must have at least 500 SF of existing irrigated landscape area and have an existing in-ground irrigation system. 
  • New construction does not qualify. 
  • Each Weather Based Irrigation Controller must replace an existing traditional, non-weather based irrigation timer. 
  • Customer must install and program controller per manufacturer's directions and, if applicable, pay the service fee. 
  • Total rebate amount shall not exceed the cost of the device (excludes sales tax and labor costs). 

Step 2:  Review the list of eligible irrigation controllers: 

Step 3: Purchase your smart controller at any hardware store, home and garden store, or online. We recommend you support our local economy and shop local!

Step 4: Mail Rebate Application with a copy of the sales receipt and a copy of your water bill to: 

Thinking Green Consultants

         PO Box 3268

La Habra, CA 90632-3268

Step 5: A check for up to $80 will be mailed to you within 6-8 weeks. Rebates are administered by Thinking Green Consultants. For more information please call (855) 512-1221.