The San Gabriel Valley Municipal Water District believes in all forms of water conservation for both environmental and economic reasons. Water conservation is, in fact, the most inexpensive source of water that we have. Simply stated, a gallon of water saved, is a gallon of water that we as individuals, or as society, do not need to import or create.

Water Conservation means different things to different people. For some, it means equipment or processes, such as water timers or water-efficient appliances. For others, it means human behavior, such as the length of our showers, whether we install water efficient appliances, if we leave the faucet running while we brush our teeth, or if we use a hose, rather than a broom, to clean our driveways.

The Water District supports water conservation in a big way. We believe in public education and we help residents, businesses and government agencies in our member cities acquire water-efficient technology and equipment. We partner with our member cities to provide funding and technical assistance for infrastructure programs and public education. We also support the Ultra Low Flush Toilet Program, and are investigating potential rebate programs that would further assist residents and businesses.

Beginning in 2010, we made a major commitment to fund and create a variety of water conservation pilot projects throughout the service area. These pilot projects are taking place in each of our member cities and involve elements of water-efficient technology and equipment, water-wise and California Native plants, and in-school curriculum.