Memorial Park North Community Center

 Location: Memorial Park North Community Center
320 N. Orange Place, Azusa
SGVMWD Partners Azusa Recreation and Family Services Department
Description/Highlights The Recreation Center is located within a sprawling complex including offices, a park and parking lots. The Center hosts a wide variety of sports, exercise and community activities. Thus, thousands of residents visit the facility and complex each week. Pre-existing turf, vegetation and irrigation were sparse, worn down and damaged. The project removed turf and installed both water-wise and drought-tolerant vegetation and state-of-the-art irrigation equipment. Hardscapes including mulch, boulders and benches were also installed in lieu of turf.
Completion Date Fall 2011
Funding Grant funding provided by San Gabriel Valley Municipal Water District
Featured Vegetation
Low-water and drought-tolerant vegetation including California Native plants, grasses and water-wise succulents. Hardscapes such as boulders and mulch further reduced turf coverage and help conserve water.
Helpful Information To learn more about water-wise vegetation suited for your location, visit: California Native Plant Society; Theodore Payne Foundation