YMCA of West San Gabriel Valley

Location YMCA of West San Gabriel Valley
401 E. Corto Street, Alhambra
SGVMWD Partners YMCA of West San Gabriel Valley
Upper San Gabriel Valley Municipal Water District
Kiwanis Club
Description/Highlights The YMCA is a regional community center, serving seniors, adults, children, and schools. The YMCA is situated in a busy, visible location near the City of Alhambra Golf Course, Almansor Park and Almansor Court Banquet facility. The YMCA serves the cities of Alhambra, Monterey Park, Rosemead and San Gabriel. In addition to traditional swim and exercise programs, the YMCA provides after-school, summer school, child care, youth leadership and development, tutoring and family support programs. The project featured removal of a significant amount of turf and water-intensive plants, installation of water-efficient irrigation, showers, sinks and toilets, and planting of water-wise California Natives and succulents. Hardscapes including mulch, rocks and benches/furniture were also installed in place of water-intensive vegetation.
Completion Date Spring 2014
Funding Grants provided by San Gabriel Valley Municipal Water District and Upper San Gabriel Valley Municipal Water District. Kiwanis Club coordinated youth volunteers. Volunteers donated funds for benches located throughout the lawn area.
Featured Vegetation Low-water and drought-tolerant vegetation including California Native plants, grasses and water-wise succulents.
Helpful Information To learn more about water-wise vegetation suited for your location, visit: California Native Plant SocietyTheodore Payne Foundation