Pilot Projects


The Water District has provided approximately $12 million in grants to fund more than 25 water conservation pilot projects in our four member cities since 2009. Our goal has been to both save water and to provide information to help residents, schools, businesses and other organizations adopt water saving technology, materials and procedures for the long-term.

Our strategy has been to implement the pilot projects at highly visible, high water-consumption locations and to create partnerships with member cities and community organizations to make the pilot projects as well known as possible.  

This section of our website provides an “at-a-glance” overview of all of the pilot projects. The section also provides detailed profiles of each project, by member city, including information about locations, partners, history, featured plants, irrigation equipment and “before and after” photos. Throughout the section, we provide website links to two non-profit organizations which can be extremely helpful to you in selecting plants, hardscapes and irrigation equipment:

Please visit our pilot project locations and, if you have any questions or we may be of further assistance, contact the District at 626-969-7911.